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ME¬†natural-Manifesting¬†Energy‚ĄĘ¬†essential toiletries¬†are created on behalf of anyone in the process of discovering self. Life has many obstacles, which maintaining a healthy lifestyle shouldn‚Äôt be one of them. Being healthy should be as simple as‚Ķ ME essential toiletries. Each item is created specifically for you and handled with¬†love,¬†besides that it doesn‚Äôt exist. ME only has the ingredients, its totally up to you to choose to Manifest or not. You are the preservative, not a hidden harmful substance. With the best components for your bodily function ME created items so simple a child can read the recipe. If a product is too harmful for a child or an animal it shouldn‚Äôt be created or used. We are all a part of the¬†eco. When all natural there should never be an ingredient that you can not comprehend with the naked¬†eye‚Ķ¬†why lie? This is why, maybe they are on a mission to deny. ME brings the TRUTH, with proof‚Ķno spoof. Come along on this journey with‚ĶME.

About the Creator…


I AM Nova‚ÄôLiat in the spirit and welcome to my journey. For a long time I was in the process of becoming/returning natural. At that time I still had a misunderstanding¬†of what¬†all natural¬†really was. Though there were ingredients in items that were legible I glanced and overlooked many of the others without thought. I just took it for what it was, the product said all natural and that was good enough for me. What I failed to realize was that the bad in each of those products could out weigh the good. So as much as I paid and vested, in time it defeated the purpose of my all natural journey. Reading articles here and there of the harmful substances in many of the¬†¬†products I began to do my research. I knew there was some sort of way that I could defeat this obstacle. This was not a dead end road for me. Gaining patience I scoured the internet for products and remedies. I then gained clarification‚Ķ I began to experiment with recipes, tweaking them to what I thought would work best. Testing and using each necessity on myself first and then extending out for proper feedback, I‚Äôve gained recognition enough to bring forth a part of¬†ME¬†to You. Come along with¬†ME and live a safe and healthy life. This is not only for me, but the¬†ME that you see when you look into the mirror everyday. Let‚Äôs grow together while¬†Manifesting our individual¬†Energy‚Ķ with¬†ME natural‚ĄĘ.

P.S: I am a protégé of my mother

Selma (Libby)

June 11, 1956 to February 2, 2017